Striking the Right Balance Between Concrete Marketing Results and Image Building

The challenge of figuring out how best to allocate a marketing budget is one that has troubled experts for decades. In fact, it is no easier today than it was in simpler times, with a myriad of digital options now competing for attention alongside the traditional ones. Still, there are often good ways of breaking things down such that the right decision gradually takes form in the mists.

One proven strategy is to prioritize forms of marketing whose results are easier to pinpoint and quantify in terms of how they reward investment. While things like brand building are important over the long term, it can be easy to go too far down rabbit holes of that sort, pursuing grand-seeming goals that do little more in the medium term that eat up too much of a budget.

When several options present themselves, then, it often makes sense to award a few extra notional points to the most concrete of them. That can mean, for example, biasing toward a pay per click advertising campaign over a series of podcast spots that will not offer so much in the way of feedback. While opportunities of the latter kind can easily be worth pursuing, they are often harder to assess in ways that help to improve overall results.

Of course, it is also easily possible to go too far in this direction, as well. This is where working with an experienced Digital Agency often comes in handy, because experience tends to be the best guide around such dangers. Few part timers have developed the intuitions that can lead them to scale back such efforts at appropriate times, while experts generally work hard on refining these skills.

Merely partnering with a good Digital Marketing Agency, of course, will not be enough, in and of itself. It is equally important that the client who stands to benefit from the marketing that is pursued takes care to remain involved in the process, too.

This is another way of keeping things in the realm of the concrete and ensuring that they do not go off the rails. An effective Digital Agency like Advertising Agency Honolulu will take care to do these things for its clients, but it never hurts to have another watchdog keeping things in line. Through this kind of continuing diligence, a delicate, productive balance between concrete marketing that produces good feedback and the less-definite kinds that are just as important can typically be found and maintained.